Friday, February 10, 2012

10 on 10 {February}

ten on ten button

I love this way of documenting my day but always forget about it until it's too late!  I'm glad I remembered this month!

morning workout


I recently found out that not everyone knows about this trick to defog your mirror post shower.  It works like a charm!

mixing black & brown=stepping outside my comfort zone 

yep, I bought some more and I'm not finished yet!

crossing things off my to do list/signing up for my 1st "5K"...go big or go home!

snack time

checking for mail


I have an event to attend and the hubby's working late


petiteleit said...

Hi Jes - I've just popped over from Rebekah's - A Bit of Sunshine - 10 on 10. *chuckle* that our day is over already! And I so hear you with the black and brown thing. Granted, ever since the kids started popping out, for me, anything goes these days.

Your photos (both here and the rest of your blog) are wonderful. I love them - not only are they striking photos, but they bring back memories of the times that I had travelled to Japan. I'd go back there in a flash!

Anyways - thanks for sharing the little snippets of your day. And the best of luck with your 5k run and other endeavours!!

Ag (petiteleit)

Monique said...

Lovely photos, goodluck with the 5k.

leanne can blog said...

I'm glad you remembered this time! I love joining in on this too, it is a great way to document your day. Great photos, looks like a healthy day for you running , fruit snacks..

Denise said...

Lovely photos! I did the couch to 5k program last spring and am still running. Stick with it, you will amaze yourself!

Angel said...

Gorgeous photos, really pretty plate/tin?. Good luck to you on your 5K, so inspirational!

Holly said...

I love your chores picture...the perspective is so cool.

mommy to many said...

i lived in Japan fora almost 4 years working with a missionary in Toyaman-ken, first in fukuoka machie then in kamiishi machi! love finding"friends" who live there! do you by chance know Shelley Carl??
loved you coffee cup shot and good luck with your 5K

oliveverlyblog said...

love the mailbox shot - great lines!

Julie said...

Love your set. I've totally broken free and done the black and brown too!

Sarah M. said...

very yummy snack! Great set!