Sunday, February 14, 2010

Project365 {week6}

This project has made me realize exactly how lame life in MO really is, especially in the winter! My life revolves around my dog, food and, well, more food! Hopefully once the weather gets warmer and I leave the house a bit more often, these photos will become much more interesting!

{5Feb10} my attempt at making chocolate covered boxing glove rice crispy treats for the UFC least they tasted good =)

{6Feb10} I FINALLY found a spice rack I like that doesn't come with spices..I already had those, just needed a better way to store them!

{7Feb10} HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAZ! (thanks for driving an hour each way to get cake batter ice cream cake Ty!)
{8Feb10} homemade Chinese for me while Jason was at class

{9Feb10} this has become my new favorite snack!
{10Feb10} Buster always looks so sad while we'd think we never feed him!
{11Feb10} Yeah, our dog watches the Daily Show...what about it?!?!


Lea Ray said...

Where did you find that spice rack? I throw all mine in a drawer.

Jes said...

I found the spice rack at I have seriously been looking for one I liked for almost a year now. Most of the ones out there come pre stocked with spices and I didn't want that, I already have my spices and just wanted a better way to organize them so this fit me perfectly! It was a little expensive for the cheap plastic it's made of, but I still love it! Thanks for stopping by =)