Saturday, February 20, 2010

Project365 {week7}

{12Feb10} Jason was loving all the, not so much, I slept on the couch!

{13Feb10} my $240 Ralph Lauren dress that I paid $25 was a great day of shopping!

{14Feb10} my breakfast courtesy of Jason


{16Feb10} I can't post this picture yet...
{17Feb10} This dog LOVES apple cores!

{18Feb10} My boys taking a nap

{19Feb10} Yay for a clean pantry =)


Anonymous said...

Love the dress, pantry looks great, can't believe the dog likes apples, and think it's sweet Jason made heart shapped pancakes. Love you, Mom

Julie the Army Wife said...

What a deal! I love finding deals like that :) I love the icicle picture :)