Thursday, February 25, 2010

BIG NEWS...not about me...


I am thrilled she found the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with at 18 years old!  I know for sure that I was NOT ready to be engaged at 18 but I guess this is one way we're different (it's hard to find those differences sometimes, she's ALMOST exactly like me!)  Both of my brothers have been with their significant others since they were about 17...I guess it's about time they get introduced to ya'll!

Meet Craig and Suzi:  They've been together about 7 years and engaged for almost 4 =)

And Brad and Jamie: They've been dating almost 4 years now!

Somehow both of my brothers were smart enough to pick the right girl the 1st sister and I had to dig our way through quite a few bad choices to find the right man.

Some how my sister found herself a soldier...well, actually she found the guy, they broke up, he joined the Army, they got back together and now they're engaged, and he's deployed.  I support them fully but I can't help but have the statistics running through the back of my mind and I can only pray she doesn't become one of those statistics!  For now I'm going to try to be positive and help her plan the wedding of their dreams, as soon as she asks me to  ;-)


Tori Bella said...

I left you something over at my blog. XOXO