Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stitch Fix #4

I'm back with another Stitch Fix review.  I cannot get enough of this company.  They hit a home run on my fix this month.  It would have been a grand slam if the prices had been lower, instead it was just a solo walk off.  (can you tell there's a ball game on while I write this?)  Seriously, if the prices were better, I might have kept every single piece!

As promised, I tried to take better photos this month.  I was fighting the fading light and I am far from a model but they are much better than the iPhone garbage I shared last time!

Item #1: Under Skies Leyle Mixed Print Cotton Mini Skirt

{Different, great fit, pattern that doesn't make me nauseous, can be dressed up or dressed down.  I loved it, just couldn't justify the price tag for the number of times I would honestly wear it.  RETURN}

Item #2: Under Skies Gabrielle Ikat Print Fit & Flare Dress

{I LOVE everything about this!  I knew instantly that I was going to keep it, baring some major fit issue, I knew it was mine. KEEP}
(worst model pose ever, but I tried)

Item #3: 41Hawthorn Abramo Abstract Chevron Mixed Material Tunic

{I've been hunting for a good tunic (or 5) for a couple of months years now and I love this one.  I didn't think I would, but I did.  Again, the price tag was the problem.  If only money weren't an issue.  RETURN}

Item #4:  Sanctuary Ryder Embroidery Detail Button-Front Tank

{When I saw this in the box, I immediately feel in love, then I put it on.  It's completely see through.  It's hard to tell in this photo, but it is, trust me.  I tried it with a black tank underneath (see second photo) and I liked it.  I thought I was going to keep it but then...any guesses? got it, the price tag!  $78 for a see through WHITE tank that I will probably ruin the 1st time I wear it?  No thank you!  RETURN}

Item #5: Kensie Ginny Knit-Back Abstract Print Tank

{This was super soft and comfy.  I didn't completely love the print but it was so versatile that I definitely would have kept it to complete my box and get the 25% discount but even with that savings, the prices were just unacceptable.  RETURN}

Going back through these photos, I really, really wish I had the funds to keep all of these pieces.  I'm going to be good though and stick to my plan to keep one piece each fix.  If you had to keep just one, which would you choose?

I think my least favorite thing about Stitch Fix is that once you send something back, there are no take-backs, no oops I changed my mind, no second chances.  Once I send these back, I'll never see them again.  I think they should have an online stock sale once a quarter or so, so you can have that second chance at an item you returned in your fix.  For now I'll just keep reminding myself that my marriage is more important than any piece of clothing and the argument that would ensue if I kept all of these just isn't worth it.

If you'd like to give Stitch Fix a try, I'd appreciate you using this link so I can earn a referral credit!



Carrie said...

I really love that see through blouse, but yeah... that is a steep price for it! I LOVE the dress, esp. with the purple tights... how fun!

Nicole said...

Love all your items again this month! I want your stylist :) I get my 3rd fix at the end of the month I hope mine is as good as this one! I think if I had to pick one thing to keep it would be the last tank. However, I probably would have kept this whole box. I agree Stitchfix could do lots of things differently to improve its service. I think there will be changes in the future. They are growing so fast this year. You should email them your suggestion.

Chantal said...

Those look great!! I can understand though, about the pricing. I just ordered my first box and I'm terrified of the prices. That's why I've been avoiding buying it!

m. said...

The dress is super cute! You're shoes though are awesome, the first thing I noticed.