Thursday, May 22, 2014



Last year, my friend, Kara, shared a great review on her blog of a dress from eShakti.  I absolutely adored her dress and the concept of customized sizes so I ordered one of my own.  Even though I went with their standard sizes, it still fit perfectly.

I'd been not so secretly hoping they would invite me to review one of their dresses, so when eShakti emailed me and asked, I jumped at the opportunity.  I struggled to choose a style this time, there are just so many great options.  Here are some examples of what didn't make the cut:

I love the detail of the neckline but the shade of purple isn't my favorite.

I considered a top but really wanted a dress.

This dress style is the "Jessica" and I almost chose it just for that reason but I already own a LBD that I love.

I finally decided to let Jason help me choose we decided on this fun number.

eShakti allows you to not only customize your dress to your exact measurements but also the neckline, sleeve type, hem length, and weather you want pockets or not.  If you want a v-neck, you can order a v-neck.  If you like short dresses, you can order a short hem.

I went with the dress as pictured, I liked the longer length and the unusual neckline.  Unlike my 1st eShakti dress, I decided to order this dress with my custom measurements.  I had my husband use a piece of string to take each measurement, which is clearly explained for you on the order form, and then I measured that with a measuring tape and it worked out perfectly.  The dress fit just like it should, like it was made specifically for me!

I've said it before, I would make a terrible model, and my husband is far from a professional photographer (although he reluctantly appeases me so I can't complain).

This is the perfect date night dress for me and I even managed to convince myself it's work appropriate.  This is how I wore it to work.  I received tons of compliments and my office isn't super formal so I decided it works.

eShakti was generous enough to provide me with a 10% discount code to share with all of you and if you're a new customer you can add that to the $25 off that they offer for 1st time shoppers.  Use discount code BLEUDRES at checkout to receive the additional 10% off.  You can use this code as many times as you'd like between now and June 21st.

I highly recommend eShakti, especially if you're like 99.9% of women and struggle to find clothes that fit perfectly in all the right areas.

   **I received a free dress in exchange for writing this review.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.**



m. said...

Ooh, beautiful! I've been eyeing their dresses for a year or so, maybe this will be the time.

Elizabeth @ Cheers, Elizabeth said...

FUN! What I wouldn't give to work with them! I've been looking at SEVERAL dresses to have in Okinawa and love that I can order from them and pretty much know it's going to fit instead of shopping online and hoping for the best! I might have to take advantage of your code and try one out!

Kara said...


Stephanie said...

Oh this site. It is one of the few places I get dresses from because they are long enough that they won't show my booty. I have never not liked something I have gotten from them. Plus a majority of the dresses have pockets! Win!