Friday, May 23, 2014

Elevate Blog Conference

I sat down a dozen times this week to write a recap of my very first blog conference and every single time I just stared at a blank screen, overcome by thoughts and emotions.  I still don't have the perfect words but since the recap link up is today I feel the need to put something down here.

First, I have to start by giving a shout out to Jen {Delightful Deets} and Summer {Munchie's Momma}.  They poured their hearts and souls into putting this conference together and it showed in all of the beautiful details and fun events of the day.  I cannot imagine a better planned conference, they have set the bar high for any conference I attend in the future!


The conference was held at the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and the grounds were absolutely stunning, although, this is basically what all of California looks like all of the time.  We ate our meals in the courtyard and I could not have been placed at a table with more incredible women.  The conversations we had were so encouraging and uplifting and non stop!

Through out the day, in addition to eating, we made some crafts, won some prizes (well, I didn't but some luck ladies did) and listened to a couple of incredible speakers!  Desiree from The 36th Avenue spoke about finding and creating your own road.  We live in a world where, especially with social media,  it can be hard to find your unique voice and she encouraged each of us to do just that.  Stephanie who writes at Life Created and Chrissy of Let Me See You Sparkle (who I was so excited to meet) shared lots of good photography tips while Cara from MaskCara made sure we know how to apply make up to look our best in photos.  We also received some fantastic general blogging advice from Ashely of Little Miss Momma and Alissa of Diary of an Addict.

The highlight of the day for me was hearing Lisa Leonard's story of devotion and perseverance (you can read part of it here).  She had 5 simple things to share with us that resonated deeply with me.

Be Loving
Be Yourself
Be Brave
Be Careful
Be Persistent  

I'm so grateful to have met her and gotten to know her.

She also provided me with my favorite take home of the day.  This gorgeous necklace.  You can find more of her pretty jewelry here.  She just launched a "State of the Heart" collection that is so perfect for us military spouses, I've already pre-ordered mine.

The other highlight for me was sharing the day with Kara and Katie.  I'm constantly amazed by the relationships that have come out of this little blog.  I'm so glad to call these ladies friends!

We also found our friend, Melyssa, who is the brains behind Bloggers Giving Back!

After spending the day with these ladies, I understand why some of them travel from far away and continue to attend year after year.  I'm terribly sad that I won't be here next year but, who knows, maybe I'll be one of those people that flies out to Cali to spend the weekend surrounded by beautiful women who understand this whole blogging thing.

I do have a few regrets; coming home with way too many of my own business cards, I so badly wish I had had the time to meet and network with more of these ladies, and not taking a photo with Ashley of Lil Blue Boo.  We bonded instantly over our questionable choices in blog names and she was so fun to be around all day.

Overall, the Elevate conference was everything I had hoped my first conference would be and more, way more.  I'm so glad to have been able to grow relationships that had previously begun and create new ones at the same time.  I'm already itching for my next conference.  Any suggestions?



Erica Jacquline said...

looks like such a great time! i love going to blogger events and feeling refreshed and creative afterwards.

JG said...

I've always wondered what blogger conferences entailed. Sounds like a great event!

Nicole said...

Looks like fun! I've been curious to hear how the conference went. Now I'm a little interested to attend one :)