Monday, April 14, 2014

Sweet Home Cincinnati

I have some big news to share with you all, we're going to be moving...again.  No, it was not a part of the original plan but as we've come to learn, it's not always about what we plan but where God wants us to be.  After moving to SD, we discovered that Jason wouldn't be able to complete nursing school on our original timeline.  There was some misunderstanding on when and how Jason could apply to the program at USD that he wanted to get into and it was going to delay him an entire year.  That wasn't something we were thrilled with so we decided to explore other options.  Unfortunately there weren't any other options in San Diego, at least not any we were willing to consider (He was looking for a 2 year post baccalaureate masters of nursing program.  There were plenty of 2 year bachelors programs but that wasn't what he wanted.).  One of those other options was Xavier University in Cincinnati, where we're both from.  Last week I came home from work to find Jason had bought me blue & white flowers and prepared an entire blue & white dinner, including white fish, blue mashed potatoes, and white corn.  Since it was the night of the UK vs. UConn NCAA champion ship game, I had assumed it was a "UK" meal.  Jason informed me that it was not a UK meal but and XU meal, it was his super sweet way of letting me know he'd been accepted to XU's MIDAS program.

While Jason is thrilled to be a Musketeer (he's always been a big Xavier basketball fan), and I am ecstatic to be living near my family again, the next several months are going to be complete chaos.  Moving without the support of the military is not going to be fun.  Jason has to finish up his prerequisites here and we're going to finish out our lease and then we'll have just a few weeks to get ourselves, and all of our belongings, across the country.  For now we're going to try to soak in as much sunny California as we can.



Katie said...

I'm so happy for you, since I know you'll be close to all of your friends and family! But we are going to miss you so much here! :(

Jasam said...

Noooo...I just met you! You guys can't move! :( I am kinda bummed out about this news but I am sure it's for a great reason. Plus, I can still get to know you even if you don't live in San Diego anymore :) Congratulations to your husband for being accepted to XU!

JG said...

Exciting times! Congrats to Jason! And good luck with pulling everything together with the transition. I'm sure it feels like a big wave of crazy heading your way, but you will rock it :)

Stephanie said...

Congrats to Jason and on the move! Enjoy your time in SD and good luck with all the packing and moving!