Wednesday, April 16, 2014

513 love

It wouldn't be a trip home if it weren't jam packed with fun.

I met my most adorable nephew, Liam, for the 1st time.  Another reason we're excited to be moving back to Cincinnati, we'll get to watch this handsome guy grow up!

I was able to, very briefly, celebrate my cousin twice removed's 1st birthday (I think that's the correct title for my cousin's daughter's daughter.  I think.)

My friend Jessica planned our other friend Amanda's baby shower for the weekend I'd be in town.  Seriously, I could not have better friends!

In 2 days, the 4 of us celebrated Carissa's wedding and Amanda's baby.  I'm so grateful for friends like these.

I also managed to squeeze in a meal with my longest friend, Holly.

The rest of the weekend was spent soaking up as much family time as possible.  This trip home solidified that we are making the right decision to move back to Cincinnati.  4 days was simply not enough time with these people.  We don't plan on staying in Cincinnati forever, just the 2 years it will take Jason to finish school, and during that time I intend to spend every spare moment with the people I love and miss so dearly.

Until next time,



JG said...

I used to know all about that once-removed thing. I really need to break that out again :p I'm totally jealous you're moving "home," even briefly.