Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Still a Military Spouse at Heart

I haven't talked about it here but the job I started last month didn't pan out.  It was a temp to hire position and I had hopes it would become a permanent position but things just didn't happen that way.  For the past 2 weeks I've been at another temp job until something else comes along.  At this temp job, all of the employees had to attend a Cultural Competency Training  titled “Debunking Aging Myths”.  Since I'm a temp I didn't have to attend but I browsed through the PowerPoint anyways.  One of the slides made me literally LOL.


In and of itself it isn't funny but when I realized you could change the title to "Events indicating a Military Spouse is PCS'ing" and read it again, it fits perfectly!  I have done everyone of those things in some capacity during a PCS move.



Katie said...

HA!! SO true! Hilarious!

AgKB said...

Hah oh so very true!!

Unknown said...

So sorry your last job didn't pan out! I am sure you will find the right position soon!!

Kate @ Raising the Rogers