Wednesday, December 4, 2013


It's no secret that I'm a huge sports fan.  Hockey is my one true sport love but football is a close second.  My maternal grandparents were Bengal season ticket holders from their inception.  They had
a-ma-zing seats, 45 yard line 15 rows up.  They didn't miss a single game from 1968-1982, and even then, only my grandmas skipped the game, my grandfather still went.  What would cause her to miss that game on September 12, 1982?  MY BIRTH!

I'm responsible for breaking my grandmother's attendance streak, something I'm not really proud of.  From that day on, I think I was destined to follow in their footsteps.  At times it can be very difficult to be a Bengal fan but I've always had black and orange in my blood.  On the rare occasion my grandparents were unable to attend the games they usually passed them down to family.  I was lucky enough to attend multiple games growing up.  I wish I had some photos from those days.

This is from one of the last games I attended with my grandmother when my grandfather was too ill to go with her.  Even at 72 she still wanted to go early and tailgate with strangers in the parking lot.  I hope I have her spirit at 72!

As soon as we knew we were moving to San Diego, one of the first things I did was check out the local sports team's schedules to see if any of my teams would be playing nearby.  We immediately bought tickets to the Bengals game against the Chargers (I have my eye on some Penguins and Red Wings tickets in LA next month).  I was a tad nervous about going because the Bengals are usually hit or miss and the Chargers were coming off of a HUGE win against KC.  It's always much more pleasant to attend an away game when your team wins, and that we did!
We took the trolley to save on parking.  It was interesting to see how differently American's behave on a packed train than in Japan...lets just say that I much prefer riding the train in Japan.
I stole this photo from the Bengals' instagram feed then added the arrow and text =}

Qualcomm is a pretty nice stadium for being so old.  Even from the tippy top, we had a great view.

I'm not used to 75 degree football weather so I hid out under my jacket most of the day so I wouldn't end up with a tan on just one side of my face!
There was so much black and orange, it was awesome!
This about sums up our day.  Kid was bored out of his mind the whole time and the coolest Chargers fan in attendance photo bombing.
It was so nice to be able to see a win in the midst of this great season they're having!

PS. Jason wants to know what you think about his mustache?  He shaved off the beard and just left this behind...for now.



Kara said...

The husband always says there are always more fans for the other team than there are Chargers fans at their home games.

Anonymous said...

I love the 'stash and I recently went to a hockey game as well. Read about it here:

AgKB said...

Mike will be so jealous when I show him the 'stache!