Monday, August 5, 2013

My husband turned 30!

First of all, I'm like 5 days late with this but between the move and my husband's birthday, I lost track of time.  I used to select a winner for "The Pact" giveaway 
and that person was Kelly of Modern Camelot.  Congrats Kelly!


This weekend my husband celebrated his dirty 30!  He's not one to want a big celebration but he'll never say no to karaoke so that's what I planned.  We spent the afternoon lounging at the pool with some friends then headed out for dinner and karaoke that evening.

We bought a waterproof camera for our vacation to Okinawa and decided to put it to good use at the pool.

After some fun in the sun we were off to an izakaya for dinner and some karaoke!

 I...I...I...I work out!

The girls doing our best Guns N Roses impression

I love these girls!  I'm so glad we had one last fun night out.

We earned hearts from the karaoke machine for our rendition of "Hit Me With Your Best Shot".

We have some great friends here!

The whole gang!

As we were leaving we ran into a large group of Japanese people who were all wearing Obama t-shirts so we stopped to get a photo with them.

Unfortunately we had to say a few farewells at the end of the night.

The 6 of us spent a lot of time together over the past year and the memories we've made will stay with us a lifetime!

We finished off the night with a stop at a darts bar.  I'll give you one guess who won!