Monday, August 26, 2013

August 30x30: Days 21-24

If you're paying close attention to my posts you might have noticed that days 13-20 never showed up and guess what, they never will.  I was correct to assume that participating in this challenge would make it easy when it came to packing for our move but I totally underestimated how difficult it was going to be to find time to snap a decent photo every day while traveling.  If you look through my ETS road trip post you can kind of see most of the outfits from each day but a full post about them just isn't going to happen.  I kept notes of what I wore each day thinking I would have time to go back and take some photos but I've found more important things to do each day so I haven't and probably won't go back and do that.  However, I didn't give up on the whole challenge.  I might be missing 2 of the days from this weeks update, one of which I didn't even put on real close because we were painting from sun up till sun down, but I've still been participating, even if I have totally sucked at documenting it!  Here is what I do have, and I'm back on track to finish strong with the last few days in August.

Day 21
Now that I'm taking photos inside instead of outside like I did in Japan, a lot of my photos don't show the shoes I wore because we don't wear shoes in our house (yes, we are those people!)  Some days I remembered to put shoes on for the photos and some I didn't.
Day 22
It took some time to find the best place to take the photos so I moved around a bit this week
Day 23
I loved this outfit and I probably would have never worn these items together if it weren't for this challenge!
Day 24
It is incredibly difficult to stand in a way that doesn't make this skirt look silly in photos.  I must have taken 20 shots that day and they all looked funny. Oh well, it's comfy and this one doesn't look bad!

I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of the awesome ladies wore all week.  You can check out some of their links below.


Chantal said...

Great outfits!

Unknown said...

I agree - great outfits!!! Okay so can you fill me in on exactly what this challenge is again? I know you posted it at some point? Send me an email or facebook message. I don't blog, yet, but I am seriously thinking I own too many clothes. This challenge seems like it might help me get through some of these clothes and figure out what I really do need to keep, or let go off! Thanks! :-) (This is when I really miss our walks/runs so we would have time to talk about these types of things... )xoxoxox

Aubrey said...

love day 23. i'm loving discovering new outfits i never would have put together. that's probably my favorite part of this round of 30x30.