Thursday, August 8, 2013

August 30x30: Days 1-6

I was much wiser when it came to choosing my 30 pieces of clothing this month. which has resulted in me enjoying this challenge this round more than I did last time...but it's only week one so we shall if it continues so smoothly.  Since all of our stuff was packed up last week, I don't have the mini fridge outside that I was using to prop my camera on last time, nor do I have a full length mirror in my house so my husband has had to take all my photos (I'm so lucky he tolerates me!) and I really don't know exactly what I look like until I see the photos.  I did realize on day 5 that the door to our back patio makes a decent substitute for a full length mirror.

don't mind my dirty windows

Day 1
I picked up this skirt at a boutique while I was in New Orleans volunteering a few years ago and I absolutely love it!  It's a tad shorter than I'm comfortable with but it's so beautiful that I deal with the length.
It's hard to see the detail above, here it is a bit closer.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5 

Day 6

I almost made it an entire week wearing my hair down which is unheard of for me (especially in the summer) but I spent ALL of day 6 PCS cleaning so the hair went up.  I barely got dressed to go grab some dinner that night.  Overall I'm really happy with week 1.  I think day 5 is my favorite so far.


Chantal said...

Looking good!!

Jacquelyn @justjacq said...

love that skirt! good find.

Aubrey said...

i love all your outfits. i especially love day 2. i'm still so impressed you're doing this in the middle of moving across the world, but it probably made packing easier.

Unknown said...

Love that skirt! It is definitely something I would buy! And, the length looks great on you!

Kate @ Raising the Rogers

Carrie said...

My favorites are the last two, day 5 and 6! I love coral and black together and I love how comfy day 6 looks!

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

love day 1 and day 2...that skirt is gorgeous!!