Monday, July 15, 2013

PCS Progress

Orders? Check!
Plane tickets? Check!
Buster's plane reservation? Check!
Hotel reservations? Check!
Housing pre-inspection? Check!
Housing inspection? Scheduled!
HHG pre-inspection? Check!
HHG pick-up? Scheduled!
UB pick-up? Scheduled!
Find someone to buy our car? Check!
Have car inspected (so we can sell it)? Check!
Make repairs to that the car passes inspection? Scheduled!
Etc., etc., etc...

I've talked about this before, I'm a list maker.  Over the years I've learned the importance of making lists.   They help me stay focused and on track and prevent my lack of a memory from destroying my well laid out plans.  For this PCS/ETS, I currently have about 9 or 10 lists that I'm tracking.  Some of them include: pcs check list (part of which is seen above), expenses (things we're going to have to buy once we arrive in San Diego), things to sell, unaccompanied baggage, household goods  and things to pack in our suitcases/not let the packers pack.  Keeping these lists allow me to monitor our progress.  They are constantly being amended and grow as each day passes.

My best friend here is leaving at the same time we are (9 days before us) and we were discussing the lack of guidance we've found when it comes to PCS'ing.  We kept searching for a "suggested list" of items to pack in each of our shipments and on our person when we travel.  We were unable to come up with any so I decided to share with you what we came up with. (Jessica from Jessica Lynn Writes shared her list earlier this week.  Her's includes lots of suggestions if you're traveling with children.)

For our fast shipment, or unaccompanied baggage (UB) as the Army calls it:

*air mattress (if not carrying in your suitcase)
*1 set of sheets/blanket/pillows
*1 set of bath towels/bath mats (we take the ones from our guest bathroom)
*shower curtain
*professional gear (for family members)
*camping chairs/something to sit on until your furniture arrives & a folding table
*kitchen supplies to include cookie sheets, crock pot, pots/pans, knives, spices, Tupperware, and dishes/utensils.
*weather appropriate clothing for your destination
*laundry basket
*shoes that you won't be traveling with
*games/DVD's/books (not all of them, just a small selection)
*EMPTY trash can
*first aid kit
*hammer/screw driver
*can opener

My personal list includes:
*tent/camping gear
*rice cooker
*our bicycles
*design magazines (I cannot wait to decorate our new home)
*a box fan (our place in SD may or may not have AC)
*grocery bags

Anything you would add to this list?  I'd love to hear your suggestions!  I hope some of you find this information useful.  It's not all encompassing but I think it's a good starting base.

I can't leave you guys without a photo so here's one of the husband and I at a ceremony this week...I have no idea why I'm looking at him that way but it made me chuckle...what do you think is going through my head in this moment?


m. said...

If you have an address to ship to I may recommend mailing the air mattress & bedding, kitchen linens & basic supplies, and hangers so they are ready for you. Our UAB isn't here six weeks after it's packing so we've purchased these in the meantime, but unnecessarily so in the long-term.

Too bad our paths only cross for such a short time, I could use your knowledge longer.