Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Home Prep

All of our stuff is officially en route to America!  The movers arrived at 0759 and had the whole house packed and on the truck by 1500.

I have never been more excited to move into a new house than I am right now.  After 3 years in government quarters with slightly off white walls, white floors, white EVERYTHING, I am so ready to have some color in my life.  Don't get me wrong, our home here in Japan was great, the size was larger than we needed and the location could not have been better (I have the best neighbors ever!) but it's just kind of blah on the inside and since we had nearly all government loaner furniture that was sufficient but definitely not our 1st choice or style, I'm ready to personalize our next place!  I started a few project here so that once our stuff arrives in SD I can finish them quickly.

We purchased our friend's dining room table.  Our best friends.  We've eaten many meals, had dozens of therapy sessions and multiple game nights on their table so we were more than happy to take if off their hands.  We'll remember all of the moments we shared with them every time we eat at our new table.  I decided to replace the fabric on the chairs.  I thought I was going to pick out a crazy bright, Japanese patterned fabric but while in the fabric store I feel in love with something completely different.  I thought my husband would hate it but when I sent him a picture of a few options he chose the same one I loved so the decision was made.  Plus I think it compliments the wood color beautifully.

(see, white floors, white walls, white base boards, white blinds...SO MUCH WHITE!)

The table top has been sanded and will be painted the same green color that's in the fabric.

The second major sanding project was this coffee table which will be re-stained to match our entertainment center and then the top will be covered with foam and fabric to make it into an ottoman.

I let my husband choose a fabric for the table with the only stipulations being that it contained plum and had a large print.  I'm still stunned at his choice (but only slightly, he's always had a quirky style)

  I cannot wait to see how the final products turn out.  I just have to wait 60-90 days for our stuff to arrive in San Diego.

Between sanding the table top and our coffee table I have decided that rehabbing furniture is not for me.  Even with our orbital sander, that was exhausting work.  I'm excited to finish these projects but I'm pretty sure they'll be my last!  I had aspirations to tackle a few other projects once we arrive but I think I've lost the desire for those, so I hope I can find what I have in my head at a store somewhere.

Any seasoned veterans out there want to offer some furniture re-purposing words of wisdom?


Emily said...

I'd love white everything! We have pink everywhere :/

JG said...

I love your style!