Sunday, July 29, 2012

2nd Annual Camp Zama Sprint Triathlon

This weekend my husband participated in the 2nd Annual Camp Zama Sprint Triathlon.  It was his 1st triathlon of any sort and he did great.  I am super proud of him for completing such a tough physical feat!  While he was swimming/biking/running around CZ, I was riding around on my bicycle taking photos {and being mistaken for a competitor, even though I was on my cruiser bike with a basket}.



this girl was so cute, yelling, "GO DADDY GO!  GO DADDY GO!" 

just warming up but this is the only decent shot I got in the crappy light at the pool

transitioning from swim to bike

taking off on his {borrowed} bike.  He'll be getting his own as soon as we can get to the US and get him fitted for one he wants!

looking pretty excited

still having fun 

almost at the end of the bike portion

he was pretty tired by the time he got to the run!

I somehow failed to get a shot at the finish line.  Overall, he really enjoyed himself so I'm pretty sure he'll be doing another one.  As for me, I'll stick to photographing the event!


Chantal said...

Good job!! I'm hoping to do a sprint triathlon at some point too.