Sunday, July 22, 2012

Toddler session

I sure hope you guys like my photography because that's all I've had to post about around here lately!  I need to figure out how to make pages for this blog so I can have a separate tab for day I'll get to that.

My friend A asked me to take some photos of her boys.  We thought it was going to rain so we had planned to go to the local train station but instead we were blessed with a blazing hot beautiful, sunny day.  I had so much fun chasing these boys all over 3 different play grounds on base.

It was so hard for me to narrow this down to 10 photos...there were so many that I fell in love with!

See that curl...we had to get these taken before dad made him get a hair cut!

so much cuteness!!!

big brother has a birthday coming up!

I'm so happy mom decided to get in some, these are 3 of my favorites from the day!

I had so much fun with these boys...I'm hoping to do another session with them and their parents in the near future!

I've decided that since I'm an instant gratification junkie that if this ever does become more of a "business", I don't ever want to get to a point where I can't get at least a few preview images to the client within 24 hours.  I'm very happy that I've been able to get a full set of images to both of the families I shot this week with in 48 hours.

PS.  this was a scheduled post.  I am currently on a mission trip in Ishinomaki with a group of youth from the base chapel.


Modern Camelot said...

Can you come to DC and take pictures of Guinevere and I pleeeaasssseeeee? I'll pay you and we can drink wine :)

JG said...

So cute!!