Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wedding {Craig + Suzi}

So the sole reason for my 5 week trip to the US was my brother's wedding.  It took 9 years for them to make it to the alter but it was totally worth the wait!

The morning started with a little beautification help from my BFF.  She made my mom and I look smashing!

seriously, I don't know the last time I felt that beautiful

then we met up at the vineyard to get dressed and apply the finishing touches before we started taking photos.

then the boys showed up and I snagged a quick shot of the husband and I in our wedding day threads

My brother truly found a gem!  I'm so glad I get to call this lady my sister!

I love that they had their 1st dance as soon as they were announced!

and cheesecake instead of regular cake?!?!  yes, PLEASE!

My husband gave a GREAT last minute speech.  My other brother, the best man {on the right in this photo}, got "laryngitis" AKA a serious case of nerves so my super, awesome, wonderful, fantastic husband stepped in.  As you can tell in this photo, he obviously rocked it, as I knew he would when I volunteered him!

I have the most beautiful sisters {biological, in-law, and in-law to be} 

I'm pretty sure their adorable flower girl had a crush on my husband, she didn't leave his side all night!

of course we had to do some damage to their car!

They were married at a beautiful vineyard in Indiana.  I was able to snap a few detail shots with my actual camera the day of the rehearsal.  My sister-in-law did almost everything herself and it all turned out perfectly!

The reception area

view of the ceremony location from inside the reception area

flowers, beautifully arranged by the bride

table settings

The newlyweds are enjoying {hopefully} a honeymoon in the Bahamas and I am insanely jealous!

I'm basically blogging my trip backwards/in no particular up will be the rehearsal, I think!