Monday, June 25, 2012


For the past week I have had the pleasure of showing the amazing country I call home to my dear friend, Rebecca.  This trip was far less exhausting that the last time I had a visitor...I think the lousy weather we've had all week might have had something to do with it.  We still managed to pack in a ton of activity.

Rebecca saw the Pacific Ocean for the very 1st time

We visited Daibustu

We took a stroll through a cave that is said to make those who pass through it more beautiful...obviously it worked ;-}

We had a craft day with my friend, Kumiko.  We made our own washi,

and did some tie-dying with indigo that was grown behind the building we were in

We shopped for fans, an essential item in Japan

I navigated our way through Shinjuku, a train station in Tokyo that an estimated 3.5 million people pass through daily {a place I avoid at all costs}

We discovered many interesting items while browsing Kappabashi, the kitchen district in Tokyo
{Can someone please explain how they just make the yolk a shape but the white stays normal?!?}

Hit up the 100 Yen store for more unique Japanese inventions

Visited Odawara Castle

and of course, we road a few trains

Those are just the things I have photos of!  It was such a joy having her here and showing her everything I love about Japan.


Rebecca said...

Wahoo! I have my very own post after my very own fabulous trip to my very own dream location! I had a great time! Thanks so much for a fabulous tour!