Monday, June 4, 2012

Bridal Shower

I was so excited about running the Warrior Dash yesterday, that I totally bypassed the fun day I had on Saturday.  My dear, dear sister-in-law to be, Lauren, scheduled her bridal shower {for their wedding in SEPTEMBER} around my trip to the US so I could be there!  I'm so blessed that the men in my life have chosen such amazing women to add to our growing family!

Lauren wanted to have a an outdoor BBQ shower so her sister, Lindsey, worked SO hard to plan the perfect day!  The weather however wasn't very cooperative and after about 45 minutes of trying to make it work outside, we moved the party indoors.  It was a tad crowded but everyone still had a great time!

yummy "W" cookies, made by Lindsey

Lauren with one of her adorable flower the wind

most of the ladies chatting, before we moved inside

some of the bridesmaids playing a game

gift bingo

She wasn't exactly happy about the UK towel Grandma W gave her, she's a UNC fan! 

just the reaction I was hoping for when she opened our gift! 

Her awesome hat from her sister {I want one!!!  I vote these should be the BM I get a vote in that?  oh well, I'm voting anyways!}

Lindsey, admiring one of the gifts and working hard on the ribbon bouquet

Lauren with her ribbon bouquet 

the GORGEOUS bridal party!

This wedding is going to be so much fun! I cannot wait for September!

Oh, and if you were wondering what we gave her that caused the reaction above....

It was our {my} favorite wedding gift so we decided to pay if forward!

Love you, Lauren!  Can't wait for your wedding day!!!


Lindsey said...

The monogrammed hat has become one of my signature gifts. My cousin got it as well and I think they're awesome!! Thanks for all of the great pictures! Here is the link to the site I bought the hat from. They have EVERYTHING you could ever imagine.

Jenny D. said...

I love your purple dress. Where did you get it?! (don'tsayjapandon'tsayjapan)