Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tokyo Marathon

I've been in a major blogging funk.  When I actually have time to blog, I'm just not in the mood, so I put it off.  I've been crazy busy, which is the way I like life to be but I can feel myself getting burned out.  I need a break! (my breaking point was when I jumped back on the CrossFit bandwagon for the 3rd time.  I love it, but it seriously pushed me over the edge!)  Luckily I'm getting that much needed break in 2 weeks when I get to tag along on Jason's TDY to Okinawa =)  (Kara, we should do lunch, I'll email you!)  Until then, I'll continue to be crazy busy and love it, but I may not make a lot of time for blogging over the next two weeks.  I apologize in advance.

Over the weekend, we (Jason, myself and about 15 of our friends) rode into to Tokyo to cheer on our friend (and a couple other people they know) who was running in the 5th Tokyo Marathon.  

He was running to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project and it's still not too late to donate, if you're interested you can do so here.

I'd never been to/watched a marathon but I'm 100% sure after seeing so many people limping around afterwards, that it's something I NEVER want to do.

It was fun to take photos though =)

 after some random Japanese woman got tired of listening to the SCREAMING Americans, she tapped our friend on the shoulder and pointed at us.  He had his music up and was in a zone and almost missed us!

that's a great guy running for a great cause (he's also from a GREAT city;-))

there were some interesting costumes, both on runners and supporters

the runners were greeted with Taiko drummers along the last .6 kilometers

I was a little surprised by how many people were taking photos and texting during the run

 Dave, finishing strong

Dave and his wife Laci, they're from our hometown and pretty awesome people

I just liked this cute girl and her McDonalds

and it doesn't happen often, but I was caught in the act


Kara said...

I emailed you before I read this. Let me know if there is anything you want to see (like something your hubby doesn't!) and I'll gladly go with you!

JG said...

Cool! I love when someone catches a picture of me taking pictures. Proof we were there, right?? ;)