Thursday, March 10, 2011


Lately I've felt like people are not appreciating my time and that PISSES ME OFF!  
Don't ask me to do you a favor and then gripe and complain and throw a fit when I want to do it my way.  If you want things done your way, DO THEM YOURSELF!  
Don't ask me to volunteer at an event and then expect me to pay for a ticket to enter that event...if my time isn't enough for you then you don't deserve it or my money.

*sigh* rant over


I got back into the crossfit groove last week and I was doing pretty well until today.  I had an awful migraine yesterday and went to bed for the night at 5pm.  I felt great when I woke up at 7 this morning (yes I slept for 14 straight hours) so I made a smoothie (my typical "breakfast") and headed to the gym.  I made it through about 3 of 10 rounds before I was pulled from the workout right before I passes out by the coach.   I felt like I was running out of steam way earlier than I should have been but I refused to quit.  I guess I looked pretty pale so she said enough was enough and made me stop.  I learned a pretty valuable lesson.  Don't skip dinner and expect to WOD the next day!  Doesn't work!


I have been working with the same three ESL students (Hi Hirona!) since I started in November but I decided I'm ready for more so I picked up a few new students this week.  I forgot how nerve wracking it is to start fresh with someone but I definitely felt much more prepared this week than I did back in the beginning which helped tremendously.  One of the girls is 18, just graduated high school the 1st of March.  She didn't pass the test to get into the college she wants to go to, so she's taking a year to do nothing but study.  Then she'll take the test again next year.  I am so inspired by her dedication!  I would have said screw it and went to the community college or just gone out and found a job.  I don't know many 18 year olds like her.  I'm looking forward to working with her.  The other student is a few year older than I, working as a receptionist (a position I've held in the past) and we have similar tastes in music/movies/actors/actresses.  We're going to have some awesome conversations, I just know it!


I made a list.  I currently know (including blog friends) more than 25 people that are pregnant.  That is insane!  No offense if you are prego, but, I'M TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT BABIES!


I've been approached to be on the board for both the spouses group and the local PWOC chapter.  I have ZERO desire to step into a position on either board.  It's been much easier to turn down the spouses association than PWOC.  I've told them since day one I'm not interested but there just aren't many people who are able/willing to step up.  Most of our members are Japanese ladies and aren't able to serve on the board.  I'm asking, if you believe in prayer, to pray for me to be led to serve.  As of right now, I'm just not feeling it!


Thanks to those of you that helped me select a pair of shoes for the wedding I'm in this summer.  I went with pair number 3!


This week I decided to start using my Twitter account for more than just blog giveaways....I still have no clue what I'm doing over there, but if you'd like to find me, you can do so @bleudressnjapan


Since I can't post without a photo, only a few more days until this is my life
photo from google images....and I totally picked it because I'm 99% sure she's reading Twilight =)


Kara said...

I know way too many girls that are pregnant. I'm sure hubby is super happy I'm over wanting to be that way again. I no longer secretly hate them for being pregnant when I'm not.
I'm following you on twitter and I don't get it either.
I hope you aren't disappointed when you get here! I don't think it's quite bikini season yet, but you can still go to the beach! We go and play if it's a nice day. We just roll up our jeans!

Sarah said...

Totally know how you feel about EVERYONE being pregnant. I am sooooo over hearing the pregnancy announcements and "it's a ___" announcements.

AgKB said...

We will prob continue our fight to be the last non-pregnant wives left for a while so no worries ;)