Sunday, March 20, 2011

still here

I just looked and it's been 3 days since my last seems like 3 hours ago.  For 10 days now, we've all been on a roller coaster ride that we I just want off of.  Not once have I ever felt like I am in ANY danger here.  NOT. FOR. ONE. SECOND.  If I did, I would NOT be here.  I would have already bought a plane ticket and be back home in Ohio with my family.  Instead, I've been here trying not to listen to the hundreds of thousands of rumors that are flying around, dealing with a sinus infection and trying to see as much of my husband as possible.  

Part of me wants to just stay here and hide in my quiet little bubble of a house

Part of me wants to help my friends get their 5 children to the "safe haven"

Part of me knows that for every person that leaves, that is more energy/food/water that can go north to help those in need

Part of me doesn't want to leave my friends that are staying

Part of me is EXTREMELY HOPEFUL that our "safe haven" will be the CONUS Continental US location of our choice, aka HOME

Part of me knows I'll be extremely lonely if I stay here

Part of me really doesn't want to leave and miss the Cherry Blossoms (shallow, I know, but true)

Part of me is going to miss my puppers like CRAZY!

Part of me wants to stay behind and help out with what I can here

Part of me wonders how long I'll be away from my husband

Part All of me is tired of not knowing and just wants this roller coaster to end!!!!

PS, just so there is no confusion, I do still plan on leaving whenever they get the planes here