Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hawaii {part 2}

Day 3 started with me dropping Jason off at work then heading to the Aloha Stadium Market where I purchased entirely too many gifts for friends and family myself, including this awesome piece of art

then I met up with my friend Joy and headed to Sharks Cove at North Shore.  Considering it rained for almost 2 straight weeks before we got there, we were incredibly blessed with gorgeous weather!

I absolutely loved the sand at that beach

We got to watch a few pretty good surfers for a while

until the waves got really powerful and this guy had to swim to shore with only 1/2 of his board =(

Then it was anniversary time =)  I was so excited that we were getting to spend our anniversary together for the 2nd year in a row.  2/3 is pretty gosh darn good for a military couple!  Jason has started a pattern for anniversary gifts.  Year 1, he was deployed and sent me and one of my BFF's to the NHL All Star game (I wasn't blogging then, but you can read a brief recap here under number 4 if you missed it and you're interested)!  Last year, well, I just checked and I didn't even blog about it, so it obviously wasn't that exciting. I got flowers....from my MOM and I think I cooked dinner that night, nothing to talk about.  Year 3, a trip to HAWAII!?!?!?!  At least now I know not to expect anything big next year ;-)  Year 5 though, which is a few months after my big 3-0, yeah, it's going to be huge!

So anyways, after searching ALL DAY for the perfect dress (or just any dress that was new really), I didn't get a single full length photo of the dang thing!  I did however, get photos of dinner =)  Jason let me choose the restaurant and this wanna be foodie went straight for the famous chef restaurant!
Don't know who Morimoto is?  He was the 3rd Iron Chef on the original Japanese version of the show and he was also on the American version.  I really wanted to try the Morimoto Omakase (11 course chefs choice menu) but Jason reminded me I'm a picky eater and I eat like a bird.  He wasn't willing for fork out $110 for a meal I'd only eat 1/2 of.  I'm glad he talked me out of it because my meal was PERFECT!

We started with drinks and a salad.  Maybe the best salad I've ever had in my life, and I eat a LOT of salads!

then moved straight to the main course

Jason had ginger pork 

and I had lobster with lemon creme fraiche

it was divine!

Jason also had some sashimi and sake before our waitress came by to tell us she was bringing us a free scoop of sorbet =)  Mind you she had no idea that it was our anniversary, so when she came out with this, we were both pretty surprised
Apparently, in order to bring us a free desert, she had to select a button on the computer for "anniversary" or "birthday" and she just randomly picked anniversary and so the chef followed the ticket and wrote on our plate.  She got a high five after we explained that it really was our anniversary!  And in case you were wondering, melon sorbet over fresh chopped watermelon = YUM!


SLM said...

Omg, I want to go there SO bad!! Oh and how freakin cool are you for wanting to go to the NHL All Star game?! It's nice to know another girl who loves hockey as much as I do ;-) Those beach pictures are amazing!! Although, I don't know if I would surf in a place called "Sharks Cove" lol.

Awesome post!!

JG said...

Okay, I just had to laugh that you went to a Japanese restaurant in America. I know it's not "just" a Japanese restaurant, but I still thought it was funny. Looks like a fantastic anniversary dinner. Lobster, yum!!

And your food pictures are fantastic. I am terrible at taking food pictures!

d.a.r. said...

What a fantastic trip!!!

Michelle A'etonu said...

morimoto's? no way! i wanna go there. i love the north shore. it's so beautiful, but those crazy huge waves freak me out!