Sunday, January 2, 2011

52 photos in 52 weeks

I hope everyone had a safe NYE and is having a great start to 2011.  We had the great pleasure of picking up a new soldier on NYE, so we spent 3 hours on a bus to Narita, an hour waiting for him and then about 2-3 hours on trains trying to get home (SOMEONE thought it would be faster than waiting for the bus back but it pulled into base right as we got back).  We made it home in time to feed the FNG and get to our friends house with about 20 minutes left in 2K10.  Not very exciting, but we were together so we were happy!

I don't make resolutions, but I do like to set a few goals for myself each year.  Last year I attempted Project 365 and was fairly successful until the big PCS started and then it all went out the window!  One of my goals for 2011 is to take more pictures. I saw something on a blog I follow and I thought it sounded WAY more reasonable and attainable than project 365 so I did a little research and found Project 52 and decided I like their list of themes so I'm going with it.  I'm going set a reminder on my phone to go off at the beginning of each week reminding me what the theme is for the week to try to help keep me on track. 

Here are the themes for the 52 weeks of 2011

Week 1 - Black & White
Week 2 - Food
Week 3 - Self Portrait
Week 4 - Reflection
Week 5 - Ennui
Week 6 - Red
Week 7 - Time
Week 8 - Pink
Week 9 - Patterns
Week 10 - Morning
Week 11 - Round
Week 12 - Hands
Week 13 - Shine
Week 14 - Envy
Week 15 - Soft
Week 16 - Perspective
Week 17 - Love
Week 18 - Start
Week 19 - Free
Week 20 - Texture
Week 21 - Toys
Week 22 - Downtown
Week 23 - Summer
Week 24 - Heat
Week 25 - Fantasy
Week 26 - Water
Week 27 - Shadows
Week 28 - Light
Week 29 - Night
Week 30 - Macro
Week 31 - Nature
Week 32 - Clothes

Week 33 - Green
Week 34 - Map
Week 35 - Laughter
Week 36 - Child(ren)
Week 37 - Yellow
Week 38 - Candy
Week 39 - Pets
Week 40 - Never Ending
Week 41 - Sports
Week 42 - Books
Week 43 - Blue
Week 44 - Letter of the Alphabet
Week 45 - Innocence
Week 46 - Most Important Thing in Life
Week 47 - Heaps
Week 48 - Family
Week 49 - Favorite Spot
Week 50 - Metal
Week 51 - Three
Week 52 - Fun

Week 1 is B&W and since I never shoot in B&W, so I'm going to spend this whole week shooting in B&W and see what happens.  I'll share my favorites at the end of the week =)


Radiant Readhead said...

Do you mind if I steal this list and do it with you!?!? I think the 365 is a little bit of a stretch for me with school, work, Roses from Rosalynn (my non profit project) trying to finsh my book. BUT i wanted to do a photo challenge, so the 52 sounds great!!! let me know if this is ok with you:-) thankks!

d.a.r. said...

This totally sounds genius!! Way more manageable than Project365.

Gwen said...

Found you through D.A.R. I'm new to my camera so I'm going to play along too!!! Can't wait to learn more about the camera and photography in general. Thanks for sharing. :)

Dannielle said...

I also stink at keeping up with the 365, I might have to try this one instead! :)