Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blizzard Bloghop

First of all, THANK YOU to Ann Marie for hosting this blog hop, I cannot imagine how much work you put into this!

Second, I am so cheating and using the same post from the last blog hop I participated in, with a few edits =)

I'm in my late 20's a 20-something wife of a US Army Engineer.  I'm originally from the great state of OH-IO.  The hubs is originally from Kentucky.  If you're not familiar with midwest geography, our home towns are separated by a river and about 5 miles of land.  We both claim Cincinnati as "home" simply because it's easier.  We technically met on facebook thanks to this photo

(we have a mutual friend who pointed him out to me on there and I sent him a message telling him I thought he was hot) in 05 while he was a Firstie Senior at West Point.  We went on our 1st date 2 days after he graduated.  He was looking for a "summer fling" before he left for OBC in the fall but ended up finding the love of his life.  We married at the JOP in January of 08 in a super cheesy chapel in Kentucky in front of our parents, grandparents and siblings (we just celebrated our 3 year anniversary in Hawaii thanks to the Army sending the husband can read about that here and here and stay tuned for more)

We had a large ceremony/reception in September 09 (which 3 of our grand parents were unable to be with us for, so we're really glad we did things the way we did!)

We have a fat Beagle named Buster, whom we inherited from my grandparents and love dearly

We've been stationed at:
Ft Bragg
Ft Leonard Wood x2
Ft Riley
and now we're blessed to call Camp Zama, Japan home.

This blog is mostly to document our life as a military family and to keep our friends and family back home up to date on our adventures in Japan.  I enjoy hockey, photography, Coke, reading, traveling and cooking, so those things frequently show up around here too.

Happy Blog Hopping =)


SLM said...

That is a hot photo, I can totally see why you contacted him!! :-)

I just emptied my last can of Skyline :-( Guess it's time for another trip home!!

hmb said...

Your hubs is from KY? That makes him automatically awesome. Unless he is a Cardinals fan.

Kara said...

Just saying hi from the hop!

And ignore what hmb said about the Cardinals! I'm a Missouri girl, the Cards are the only way to go!

Jennifer said...

I'm stopping by from the blog hop. I love the story of how y'all met! You can find me at

Julie said...

The Firstie (oops I mean Senior) club is where it's at....totally kidding. I'm going to follow!

FallonElla said...

I love that you both met on FB, my hubs and I met on myspace while he was in the sandbox, though we're both from the Salt Lake City, Utah and have all the same friends?! Funny how life works, stopping by from the bloghop :)

Angie said...

I reconnected with my hubs thanks to Facebook! Gotta love it! Found you on the bloghop and can't wait to read more! Hope you follow me too!

Dr. Army Wife said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and referring me to Daily Pieces. She's a wonderful blogger and we do seem to have a lot in common! I'll be following you now too :)

Jenn said...

My hubby and I met while he was there too! only he was '06