Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Prep part 2

After driving all over creation this base and the near by Naval base looking for Vermouth (who knew it was a wine?!?!  definitely not me) for my husband the Martini drinker I finished up my prep work for Thanksgiving =)

I made the pies (my 1st time making pies from scratch.  I'm pretty proud of them but man they were a lot of work!  I doubt I'll be making many pies in my lifetime)

laid out all the bread so it get's "stale" for the "stuffing" (that's how grandma did it, so that's how I do it)

***edited to note we returned from dinner to find this:
the dog managed to eat about 10-12 slices of bread off the table...I was so not a happy mommy!  This means I have to go to the store and fight the crowd tomorrow...all that prep work to avoid this exact scenario and the dumb dog managed to ruin it all, ugh!***

 chopped all the veggies to stuff in the turkey, make appetizers, make the "stuffing" and make green bean casserole

and roasted garlic and made pita chips for the spinach artichoke dip

now I will have more time to enjoy with our guests on Thursday!  Only 2 more days until my favorite holiday!

And if you are the type of person that is OK starting the Christmas season a little early, I suggest you check out this ridiculously talented A capella group from Indiana.  I don't normally enjoy Christmas music except on Christmas and Christmas Eve, but I cannot turn these guys off!

Straight No Chaser


Michelle A'etonu said...

that's hilarious how the dog ate the bread! you're sooo my hero...all that prep. so impressed! and the desserts look great :)

SLM said...

HEY!!! Thank you for the comment, I always get excited when I find someone else from Cinci!!!! Technically I'm from Oxford, but I moved to Cinci after I graduated from Miami :-) Plus no one has ever heard of Oxford so I always just say Cincinnati hahahaha. I read your interests on your profile and that pretty much sums me up too....I LOVE hockey I've spent a significant amount of my life in an ice arena lol...I'm so excited to read your blog!!