Friday, November 5, 2010


I just felt my 1st earthquake!!!  It kind of scared the crap out of me!  The husband is TDY so when the couch started shaking, I was like "OMG what is in my house"...then the windows rattled and I realized the whole house was shaking, not just the couch.  Such a strange feeling!  I didn't like it!  I don't think the dog liked it either.  Hopefully that was a once in a lifetime experience for us!

Since I'm double posting today, I have something else to share (that already had me on pins and needles before the earthquake).  I have my 1st English student tomorrow =)  I was introduced to a guy who runs a business finding Japanese that want to learn English and matching them up with Americans.  The Japanese pay the American's a set amount directly and then we pay this guy a portion. He supplied me with materials to help me get started which was really great.  He comes to the 1st "trial" lesson with each student and then they decide if they want to work with me or not.  Now that I have my 1st student scheduled for tomorrow morning, I'm getting nervous.  I'm sure I'll do fine, but I'll feel much better after I get this 1st student under my belt =)


JG said...

Fun! ESL stuff is a blast, I think. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!!