Monday, November 22, 2010

holiday bazaar

As I said yesterday, I can't show you most of what I picked up at the bazaar because they're gifts for people who read this blog, but I can show you what I got my brother (he'd never take time away from his games to read what his silly big sister has to say) and what I picked up for myself =)

My brother is a gamer.  Computer games, card games, board games, baseball games.  He loves them all, so he is getting this cool box to hold cards.

 and for me...I had the hardest time picking these out, but now I'm in love with the ones I chose!
 napkin rings for the girl who loves to host!
 with origami cranes!?!?!  YES PLEASE!
 I wanted every color that they had!!


Unknown said...

absolutely adorable napkin rings!! and that card-box is perfect for a gamer. great finds!