Monday, July 14, 2014

Stitch Fix {July 2014}

Some times I feel like all I blog about any more is Stitch Fix, but these are the quickest posts to whip up, and all I seem to have time for these days.  Also, I have no idea how the setting on both of my camera's got changed to these stretched out proportions, but they did and now I can't figure out how to change them back!

Just a warning, I loved something about everything in this fix but didn't keep a single item for one reason or another.

I love this idea of this dress.  The fit is great and the style is great (I can wear it to work or just for fun) but the material was crap!  It felt cheap and it didn't feel very good on my skin, it was kind of itchy.

 There was no hem to this dress.  The material was just cut and it looked terrible up close.  I'm assuming it's a fabric that won't run or pull or fray but I just didn't care for the unfinished look.

This top was awesome!  Cute cut, love the polka dots, the fabric was soft and comfy.  It had one fatal flaw, it's a button up.  If you have breasts over a cup size B, you probably know what I'm going to say next.  Button ups and large(ish) chests DO.NOT.MIX!

Every time I move, the buttons stretch and pull till the threads are at their breaking point.  It SUCKS!  If this hadn't been a button up, or miraculously fit better in the chest, I would have kept it for sure. 

I loved the underneath layer of this fabric, it was bright and had a fun pattern that wasn't too overwhelming.  I didn't love the top layer but it was cute and different.

The pants were a GREAT color!  A burnt orange, not this coral color they look in the photos.  They were simply too tight.  Way too tight!

 I probably would have kept the top but...another button up!  Not so classy, not one bit!

The color and pattern of this were fabulous.  It's hidden well in the photo but this was way too tight in the waist, it gave me a very uncomfortable and highly unflattering muffin top.

I'm very picky about clothes, and if I'm going to spend a good chunk of change on them, I have to LOVE them, everything about them.  Although I didn't keep a single item, I'm still pretty happy with my fix.  I know that the stylist are taking what I have to say seriously and listening to my feedback.  I understand you can't win them all and I'm confident next month will blow me away!

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Nicole said...

I like the things you received. They look good on you. I really like that black and white dress. I haven't had luck with colored denim from Stitchfix yet. I think I will just request they don't send me any even though I really want to find the perfect pair.

Unknown said...

I have tried stitch fix and while I loved the concept the clothes just never fit right! That dress is great though Too bad it was itchy!

So Much Sunshine

Chantal said...

I love the clothes but I understand why you didn't get any!! Hopefully the next one is good!

Emily said...

Nothing wrong with stitch fix posts :]

Stephanie said...

All of them looked great style wise, but I agree that if you aren't a 100% about it, you should not spend the money.