Monday, June 2, 2014

GreenBee Parking

Last week, in order to get back to Ohio over Memorial Day, using our airline reward miles, we had to fly in and out of LAX.  It wasn't ideal but it was what we had to do.  It saved us over $1000 in plane fare but I was concerned we'd be paying just as much in parking for 3 days {I'm only slightly exaggerating}.  So, I started doing some research and asking around and a co-worker directed me to GreenBeeParking.Com.

This company essentially "rents" parking spaces from hotels near airports and then offers them for minimal fees to the public.   After filling out a simple form on their website, you can choose from available spots near the airport you're flying out of, sometimes saving as much as 75% compared to parking at the airport.

The process could not have been any easier for us.  We paid for our selected parking space on their website, at a hostel near LAX, showed up at our selected time, filled out a form at the front desk, left our keys with the valet and boarded a free shuttle to the airport.  Our reservation also included a free continental breakfast, which I guess is included with most spots through GreenBee (it will say online at the time of booking if this is an offered perk).  When we returned from our trip 3 days later we simply called the hostel and requested a pick up. All of this was included for a whopping $23.97  If you're not familiar with LAX, daily parking can exceed $45 PER DAY!  This was a major budget win in my book!

GreenBee does not operate at every airport (sadly, San Diego isn't on their list) but there are about 100 airports available.  It's worth looking into the next time you're flying, for sure.

This is not a sponsored post.  I just had to share this awesome traveling tip with all of you!



Elizabeth @ Cheers, Elizabeth said...

This is BRILLIANT! We drove past LAX yesterday and it was overwhelming just to drive by, I can only imagine parking and paying to leave a car there! I'll have to pass this on to any of my traveling friends!