Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stitch Fix

Y'all, I'm hooked!  I signed up for Stitch Fix as a way to add some pieces to my wardrobe that I normally wouldn't pick for myself but still love.  If you're not familiar with Stitch Fix, you start by filling out an in depth fashion profile.  You answer lots of questions and choose lots of photos based on your personal style, needs and budget.  Next you are assigned a "personal stylist" who studies your profile, any Pinterest boards you choose to share with them and any notes you contribute.  They then choose 5 pieces, package them up and send them to you.  Once your box arrives, you try on all the pieces and decide which ones to keep, any you want to return you simply place in the prepaid package they include and send them back.  There is a $20 fee each time they ship you a box but if you keep one or more items the $20 goes toward the price of the piece(s) you keep.

My first box arrive this week and I wanted to keep every single piece!  I almost didn't try them all on because I knew if they fit well it would be more difficult to send them back but I wanted to document them to share with you all.  Let me share with you my first Stitch Fix box

My 5 pieces

They even include a style guide to give you ideas on how to wear the different pieces.

Item #1: Miilia, Crochet tank {I own a tank just like this. RETURN}
Item #2: Just Black, Adora Skinny Jean {I've been needing wanting new jeans and as soon as I put these on I knew there was no way I could send them back, even if they were at the top end of what I'm willing to pay for Jeans.  KEEP}

Item #3: Collective Concepts, Valencia V-Neck 3/4 sleeve blouse {This was a little too tight in the chest area, otherwise, I loved it. RETURN}
Same jeans as above.

Item #4: 19 Cooper, Clemency Diamond Print Tunic {I loved this but I just couldn't justify the price in addition to the other two pieces that I was keeping. RETURN}

Item #5:  41Hawthorn, Leopard Print Infinity Scarf {Love, love, love this!  I knew I was keeping it the second I saw it.  You can't tell in the photo but the dark color is actually a purple..  I couldn't love it more. KEEP}

In a dream world I would have kept them all.  I really wanted to just love one piece but jeans are so difficult for me to find and these fit so well, I just couldn't send them back.

My only issue was even though I chose the cheapest option, all of these pieces were a bit more than what I am normally willing to pay.  I was afraid I wasn't going to like any of them and be stuck paying the $20 fee but after my 1st box now I'm worried about how I'll ever just choose 1 piece to keep each month since I obviously failed to do that on round 1.  I can't wait for my next box to arrive.

Hate shopping?  Love fashion?  This is a great option.  If you choose to sign up I would appreciate if you use this link so I get $25 credit (I'm going to need it if my stylist keeps rocking it like she did this time!).

This is not a sponsored post, I just love the product enough to share ir with all of you.



Jordan Cole said...

UMMMMM...how have I not heard of this, going to check it out now!

Chantal said...

Super cute stuff!! I really like those pants too. I want to do Stitch Fix, but I am such a cheapo...

Emily said...

Super excited, just signed up! I used your link ;] I am really excited about this because I love seeing the outfits people put together, but I suck at doing them or finding the clothes.

Carrie said...

LOVE your pieces! I really love that scarf and those jeans look really nice, too. I am so glad you had so much success with it, I have loved every box I have gotten so far!

Unknown said...

This is interesting. I've never heard of Stitch Fix before. Are the pieces expensive? Going to check out now.. :)

Nicole said...

I was so excited to see this post. I signed up for Stitch Fix too and my first box comes next week. I was worried it would be a flop but after seeing what you got, I'm looking forward to it! Hope I have as good of luck as you! Thanks for sharing!

JG said...

I love StitchFix! Or, I did, before I got pregnant. Now I'm waiting for post-baby to get another box.

I love the pieces they sent you! I would have struggled to keep them too!

Julie, Wife of a Soldier said...

I have heard of this but never knew how it worked. Sounds really cool!

Stephanie said...

I love StitchFix! I loved their jeans as well. They fit so comfortably! I kept a couple other items too. I really love the surprise of it and how well they shop to each buyer!

Resonant Brain said...

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