Monday, March 25, 2013


Another week and another list of 5 things I love about Japan!

1. Believe it or not, I love the Japanese style toilets (don't worry, it was clean when I snapped this).  You don't have to sit on nasty seats and you don't have to touch the handle to flush, you just step on it.  I know some people have issues with the whole squatting thing but I grew up camping, I'm used to squatting to pee in the woods, so it's no big deal to me.

2. Ramen.  This is probably my favorite food here.  I know I say that a lot, but seriously,  I don't think I've had a single bowl of ramen that I didn't enjoy.  Plus, it was my very first Japanese meal so it holds a special spot in my heart! (and now this is what we're having for dinner tonight because my mouth is watering just looking at this photo)

3. Lost in translation.  I'm not sure if they were going for crimper or curler or what here but I'm pretty sure it wasn't clipper based on the photo. 

4. Colored strips of road.  They paint certain intersections red to indicate that it is particularly dangerous and you should be extra cautious.  How smart!

5. Fun takes on American favorites.   Corn chowder flavor Doritos and salad flavor "Pringles" are just a few of the choices.


Kara said...

The squatty potty was intimidating, until I used it. Now I think it's a genius toilet. There are so many times when I don't want to touch anything, so the squatty potty comes in handy. My 4 year old has even mastered them.

JG said...

I cannot imagine getting used to a squatty potty. buy then my idea of "camping" is a lake house ;)

I have been SO jealous of your amazing ramen experiences!

and salad flavored Pringles? yeah, I'm not their target demographic, for sure!

Emily said...

I was waiting for you to post the squatty potty!!

Modern Camelot said...

Those potties are nuts...and so are those chips!! I am dying to get there one day.