Monday, March 4, 2013


Another week and another list of things I LOVE about Japan!

1.  my ladies!
(I don't know how it took me four weeks for them to make the list)
Some times I struggle to come up with a fun & informative lesson every week but they tolerate me and my randomness so well and I always leave there with a smile on my face.

2.  Shrine sales
They set up giant flea markets on the grounds of some shrines every so often.  They are great places to pick up unique gifts and souvenirs.   

3. The generosity of strangers.
At the above shrine sale, I saw this funky tie clip (my husband loves dressing up and he thinks his tie clips are the perfect accessory/conversation piece) so I asked the man "ikura desu ka" ("how much is this?", one of the few phrases I know well in Japanese) and he handed it to me and said "puresento".  I knew what that meant so I bowed and said "domo, arigato gozaimasu"!  Jason loves it, especially since it was free!

The very next day I walked into a shop and the woman working walked over to me and handed me this neatly folded crane and said, "puresento".  I must have looked like I needed a pick me up this week (which I did)!

4.  All my favorite bands in one place!
In the US, these bands would never all play together but here in Japan, YES!  I'm so pumped for a good old punk show but I have a feeling it's going to be very different than the shows in the States...we shall see!

5. Sushi!
Again, I don't know why this one took so long to make the list, but YUM!

Things are about to get CRAZY around here, I'll fill you in on all the details soon, so please hang on with me while I hop onto the roller coaster!


JG said...

Haha yes I bet the sushi there is AWESOME :)

Kim said...

I loved everything about this post! It literally left me smiling. That show line up looks amazing! Lucky lady!