Tuesday, January 22, 2013


When you live overseas it's family and the little things that you miss the most {at least for me}, so this weekend we spent a chunk of our 4 day weekend {thank you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.} with our substitute family best friends enjoying one of the little things.

We accidentally overslept that morning which resulted in a sleepy train ride to Tokyo.

 A little over an hour and a few wrong trains later, we arrived at our destination!

In Japan, almost all employees at American chain fast food restaurants speak a good amount of English but for emergency situations they all have English picture menus.

Even with English speaking staff and picture menus, we managed to order the wrong thing, we wanted plain fries but that's obviously not what we ordered.  Even still, the food was spot on what we're used to in America and every bit just as delicious as we remembered.

We couldn't ask for better friends here.  One of the best things about these specific friends is that our families are all from the same general area so even after we leave Japan, we will see them again!

After stuffing ourselves silly, we headed down the road for a little sight seeing at the Tokyo Tower.

A little music sharing on our way home.

This was definitely the perfect end to a long weekend!