Saturday, September 1, 2012

2 year Japanniversary

Today marks 2 years of living in Japan.  It's hard to believe it's been that long already!  It makes me extremely sad to think that at this time next year we will no longer call Japan home.  Today I went back and reread some of my thoughts from our 1st days of living in Japan.  It seems like just yesterday that I was the new girl and now I'm the one with all the experience and knowledge!

Last year I shared this list of things that we had done during our 1st year here

*living in a foreign country
*being 8,000 miles away from friends and family
*squatting to pee in public restrooms
*living on a military base
*not understanding a word of what 90% of people around me are saying {I'm fixing this, I start Japanese lessons next week!}
*having access to some of the best public transportation in the world
*eating super fresh sushi
*being taller than 90% of people around me
*seeing movies a week or more after everyone else
*near daily adventures with my husband
*using chopsticks daily
*"hai", "konichiwa", "arigato"
*getting to know some awesome Japanese ladies
*driving on the left side of the road
*teaching English
*shopping online
*being 28 (I can't believe I'm going to be 29 in a few days!)
*feeling massively out of the loop
*not being able to stream movies/tv shows
*missing birthdays/weddings/holidays
*exploring a new country
*trying new foods
*life without our favorite American restaurants
*100 Yen finds
*eating the freshest Fuji apples!  YUM!

We've added a few new experiences to this list over the past year.

*Went to Sumo

*wore yukatas & attended our 1st Bon Odori

*went to Fuji Q highlands, Japan's most popular amusement park

*spent some time at a hostess bar...on accident!

*relaxed at an onsen

*Saw the famous cherry blossoms bloom

*Survived a typhoon

and most recently
*Climbed Mt Fuji!

I pray the next 9ish months don't fly by too quickly!


Chantal said...

Very cool! 2 years!