Wednesday, August 15, 2012

PCS season

As a military spouse, you learned to make friends quickly each time you PCS.  You also learn that those friends will just as quickly be ripped away and it's usually way more painful than ripping off a Band-Aid!  It's part of the territory.  You deal with it.  It's just something we do.   I made it almost all the way through the 2012 PCS season without saying a single "see you later".  That changed yesterday.  Yesterday I dropped some of our very best friends off at the train station for the last time.

The silver lining to this see you later is that right now, I'm on my way to pick up these two awesome people from the airport and welcome them to Camp Zama!

The Army really is a small world.  We're so grateful to spend our last 8-10 months in Japan with these two!

It's hard to believe that next PCS season we will be the ones leaving...I cannot even let myself think about that right now!


Julie Danielle said...

We have been at Campbell long enough now that I have friends starting to leave and it is sad. I am not sure if I will see them again but I hope I will. At least we have Facebook :)

Chantal said...

The Army is a small world - you'll run into someone again!