Friday, January 27, 2012

Pinterest Challenge

When I first joined Pinterest a few months ago, I promised myself I wouldn't waste hours pinning things and then not going back and actually doing some of the things I pinned.  I haven't had a problem sticking to that yet!  So far, I have

cooked crispy Parmesan asparagus and mini loaded potatoes as part of our anniversary dinner

learned THE BEST KITCHEN TIP EVER.  I no longer have to dread recipes that call for "shredded chicken"

made scrabble coasters

decorated delicious cookies 

cooked a yummy enchilada pasta

turned all of my hangers backwards.  As I wear something I hang it up the normal way so in 6 months I will know exactly what clothes I haven't worn and I can toss them out! {yes, I color coordinate my closet!}

my awesome neighbor saw this idea on my board and made it for me for Christmas

painted my nails super fancy, something I NEVER do

created a beautiful wedding present for my friends

FINALLY found a way to organize all my scarfs! 

ate these zucchini boats as an afternoon snack

Today, I hosted a "Pinterest party" at my house.  I invited about 10 ladies and we decided to make a craft and share some food that we had seen on Pinterest.  I created a board that all of us could post to where we shared a few different ideas before we finally agreed on making a recycled magazine craft {For us, access to materials is a serious deciding factor.  Many of the ideas we liked would have required us to ordered supplies from the States and until we saw how this was going to go, we didn't want to make any huge investments}.   Having that joint board was wonderful.  Everyone was able to pin the food they wanted to bring so we didn't have 3 people bringing the same thing.  The craft we chose ended up being incredibly time consuming and I didn't finish until about 2 hours after everyone left {about 5-6 hours total}.  I was thrilled with the outcome but my hands are sore and I will not be making another!  Believe it or not, I took ZERO photos during the day.   I was just so busy having fun with friends, I totally forgot!  The one photo I do have is of my finished craft

We are planning to get together again next month and since I won't be the host I promise to take more photos!

I think I have far exceeded my goal to actually use/do/create/make the things I find on Pinterest!  Who knew this website would end up being a reason for me to throw a party?!?

{I tried to link all photos back to the original ideas but if they don't work, they can be found on my Pinterest page HERE!}


I just found this Pinterest Challenge link up over at The Trendy Treehouse

What great motivation to try more new things found on Pinterest!