Thursday, January 26, 2012


I am admittedly no Bridget of Bake @ 350 but occasionally I do like to bake a decorate sugar cookies.  When I decided to host a "Pinterest Party" I knew right away that I would be making cookies.

I'm constantly being told that I'm creative but truthfully I'm just really good at creating my version of other people's ideas {and that is exactly what I tell people when then say to me that I am creative}.  This time however, I can honestly take credit for the idea that resulted in my creation.  I highly doubt that I am the 1st person to make cookies like these but from what I could find on the internet, I may be, I cannot find any like them anywhere!

Bridget would most definitely kick my booty in a cookie decorating contest but for someone who doesn't do this very often, I am super proud of these cookies!

I used Bridget's cookie recipe but since I don't like almond, I just used all vanilla extract instead.  Usually when I do cookies like this I make my own royal icing but I cheated this time and used store bought cookie icing.

I cannot wait for the party on Saturday!


Michelle A'etonu said...

those cookies are fabulous! i'm so interested in hearing about your pinterest party (as a new pinterest addict myself). and i admire your idea for starting a new business. my hubby and i have been looking for some extra ways to bring in extra cash and I can't decide what i want to do!

Sarah said...

Those look super cute! I think you did a great job! =)