Monday, July 18, 2011

shopping in Japan part II

It's obviously been pretty boring around here lately.  I guess boring isn't the most accurate word, I just haven't done anything blog worthy recently.  I've spend most of the last 2 weeks either laying by the pool or watching movies in the AC.  The heat/humidity here right now makes it almost unbearable to be outside.  I did venture out today to do a bit of pre-vacation shopping (PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one that NEEDS new clothes before vacation).  There is a nearby town that has tons of little boutique type shops and I typically stick to window shopping, but today I actually went into some of them and bought a few things.  I've talked about shopping in Japan before and I figured I'd share today's finds as well. 

I own about 7 or 8 plan white t-shirts/tanks but no "cute" white tops, so I picked this guy up for about $20 USD

and this shirt for about $18 USD, that I found in a REALLY busy store so I didn't try it on...
 and I didn't notice how GINORMOUS the arm holes are until I got home and tried it on...good thing I have plenty of plain white tops to wear under it!

I just thought this shirt was cute and it was on sale for $15 so I picked it up
 All 3 of these tops are size L!  The clothes here are not made for women with my measurements, that's for sure!

And my favorite find of the day, this skirt.  It was the very last one on the clearance rack, originally about $65 and I paid $25 for it.  I'm in love!

even if I do have to hike it up and wear it around the smallest part of my waist for it to fit!

I know a lot of Americans here that don't care for the Japanese styles, but I LOVE it!  I just wish it weren't so hard to find items that actually fit me!


Sarbra said...

wow, I wear plus size clothes, that means I would be totally lost in Japan right? Would I even find anything there lol? cute finds btw:)

Kara said...

Cute!! I've found a few stores that I like here, but a lot of things are too small. I'm not a big by any means, but I am bigger than you. I make sure to try everything on before I leave the store. I was going to return a shirt and I realized they had ripped all the tags off when I bought them. The shirt is sitting in my closet, still unworn.

Heather said...

Soon you will get a little relief from the heat. Isn't it winter in Australia? I know when we were there in Jan. 2010 it was really odd to see people out sun bathing in the park because it was their summer.

And you found some really cute stuff!! I never shopped for me out in town because I didn't want to figure out what size I would wear (if they even had a size that would fit me). I did buy my daughter a lot of cute things at the Bunny Store (has a bunny on the sign! lol)

Lindsey said...

I love that skirt!! So cute. I would totally wear the blue shirt too! Have fun on vacation (I'm incredibly jealous). By the way, I have to buy new clothes before vacation too!

Chantal said...

Cute clothes!! I'm buying some new clothes for our trip too... but it'll be mostly maternity stuff haha. And maybe a cute sweater since the weather is a little cooler compared to Hawaii.

This American Wife said...

Cute stuff! I think we have a similar style. I really like the second white shirt and the blue shirt. Oh, the skirt is cute too. Okay, I like all of it! Ha!