Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More mid-week randoms

Our neighbors have the most gorgeous hydrangea bush outside their house

this is the harvest from out mini garden this week

a fun day in the sun...

resulted in some red legs

my husband misses dressing up so much that he refused to change out of his church clothes Sunday

today my pantry went from looking like this...

to this...I've been putting it off for a while and I'm so glad I finally did it, I feel so much better!

Jason picked this guy up on the way home from dinner the other day.  Right after I took this photo, it FLEW at my face!  I was not expecting that and I screamed and ran like a little girl.  I hope this is my only up close Japanese beetle sighting!

how is the commissary going to be completely out of milk??!!?

I got a couple of awesome packages this week, one included this t-shirt and some buttons and stickers from Dave at ShootTokyo

the other one had me sitting in the mail room parking lot for 10 minutes bawling my eyes out.  Last year I went fabric shopping with a friend and fell in love with this fabric.  She started to help me turn it into an apron, then PCS season happened and we never finished it.  Well, she finished it for me and mailed it to me!  Isn't it FABULOUS!  I cannot wait to wear it!

She also included some drawings from her children which is what got to me.  Some times I'm not sure which side of my love/hate relationship with the Army is stronger.  I love the Army for all the opportunities it's brought my way, including the friendships I've made but I hate the Army for ripping these friends away from me!


This American Wife said...

That apron is adorable! What a great surprise to get in the mail.

Also, I really need to clean out not only my pantry, but also my clothes closet. Its starting to look like the "before" picture that you posted of your pantry. (Maybe I should stop eating in there, ha! JK)

Unknown said...

I love that apron! How sweet of your friend!

I wouldn't mind a messy pantry only because that would mean we had one haha! Great job with the organization!

I would LOVE to have a hydrangea bush -- how beautiful!

Michelle A'etonu said...

great pics! i love the apron...loathe the japanese beetle :) it freaks me out!

Errign said...

Cute apron. That beetle is terrifying. I feel you on being separated from friends, etc, it's really hard. :(