Friday, April 29, 2011


I might have kicked this jet lag thing in the butt for the 2nd time in the past month....maybe...hopefully!

My trip home was significantly less painful than my trip to the US.  My total travel time was 24 hours instead of the 36 it took me to get to the US and I only had one lay over instead of 2.  That one lay over was a bit of an adventure though, I had a 45 minute connection in DC which, for those of you that don't travel very often, is not a lot of time.  It didn't help that my flight left Cincinnati 15 minutes late.  I literally sprinted through the airport, knocking people out of the way (sorry old dude, you were moving too slow for me and no matter how many times I said excuse me, you just wouldn't get out of my way) and hurdling luggage to make it to my flight on time.  I'm sure I was a sight to see, but I was determined not to get stuck there.  I made my flight with only a few minutes to spare and luckily there was no one in the seat next to me so it was a pretty comfortable 14 hour flight.  I made it home just in time to be shaken into a deep sleep by pretty good aftershock.  Nothing says welcome home like an aftershock huh?

I have been waking up really early in the mornings (0700 is really early for me) but I don't mind too much because I've been waking up feeling rested and just in time for NHL playoff hockey puck drop on this side of the world.  The strangest part of this episode of jet lag for me has been CRAVING dinner in the morning instead of breakfast foods (get your minds out of the gutter, I'm not prego).

I tried not to waste any time getting back to my "normal" life. Lunch with friends. Social time with my awesome neighbors.  PWOC Bible study.  Teaching English lessons.  COOKING!  Gym.  I figure if I'm busy, I'll stay awake. 

I also made time to finish a craft project that has been in the works for months now

 I am IN LOVE with my menu board
(and yes, I realize I spelled Kielbasa wrong...I may or may not get around to correcting that)

To top it all off, Jason returned safely from Sendai last night.

  He is currently out wearing a clown suit getting some tests done to make sure he isn't radiating is as healthy as when he left

It's so nice to have our family together again without any TDY's in the near future.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you all are back together :) PS: menu board looks ADORABLE! I just might have to make one for myself!

Michelle A'etonu said...

jet lag is so not cool. it took our daughter 2 weeks to get back to normal after going back to the states. glad you guys are together again!!! and I love that menu board!!!

Sarah said...

1. I'm glad both of you are back home and safe!!
2. I wanna know how you made the menu board!! I think I may need one. ;-)

SEJ said...

I'm so glad to hear that you made it back to Japan safely! I hope that you had a wonderful trip home!