Wednesday, April 20, 2011

end of the road

Well, it's official, I have an itinerary and I'm heading back to Japan on Monday.  I'm leaving the day before my BFF's birthday and 4 days before a concert that I was really excited to attend with my girlfriends, but after the day I had today, I'm ready.  Jason won't be there waiting for me =( but he should be returning from Sendai shortly after I get back.

So, let me tell you about my day, because I know you're dying to hear.  I had one last thing to check of my USA to do list, get a new drivers license (mine expires in a couple months).  I've put it off till the very last minute because  I dread the BMV.  My biggest fears were confirmed today.  My experience there today totally SUCKED!  I was concerned about having to show proof of residency because I have ZERO mail that still goes to my dad's house.  I thought my military ID would be ok, but I was still worried they were going to hassle me about it.  Well, that part went surprisingly well.  I had all the necessary documentation and passed my eye exam with flying colors.  Then she looked me up in the computer and informed me that my license was suspended.
EXCUSE ME?!?!?!  SAY WHAT?!?!?
Yep, I have in fact been driving with out a valid license since SEPTEMBER (including while I was in Japan because my Japanese license is only valid with a current US license.  YIKES!).  Apparently I have an unpaid speeding ticket in Missouri from 6APR10 and this is the 1st I'm hearing of it.  I could have swore I paid it but I can't find proof since I had to pay with a money order and I can't find the receipt.  So now I'm feeling like a 15 year old while my mommy drives me around and having to go through a ridiculously ancient process to get my record cleared.  Luckily I have an awesome friend still in MO that is going to help me out and hopefully it will be all cleared up by the end of next week.  Hopefully!  I was super relieved to find out the other day that my ESL students are waiting for me to return but until I get this cleared up, I can't pick them up at the gate and take them to my house like I normally do so I don't know what I'll do.  UGH!  It sucks, but I guess I'm glad I found out this way and not by getting into an accident in Japan or something stupid.

On a completely random side note, while my mom was carting my but around town today, Gwen Stefani's "Holla Back Girl" came on the radio and my mom admitted to me that she used to think the lyrics were "Harlem Black Girl"...oh how I love her.  I'm going to miss her like crazy when I leave!

I also have a pretty awesome photo for this weeks 52 in 52 but I can't post it quite yet, so I'm going to skip this week and I'll come back to it a little later.


Nancy said...

Can't wait to see you when we are all back! Hopefully you get your license cleared up before then.

Michelle A'etonu said...

i HATE going to the DMV too! sucks that you never knew about that ticket. and your mom is hilarious! with mariah carey's song, fantasy, my mom kept thinking she said "sweet sweet medicine baby" :)

Michelle A'etonu said...

and have a safe trip home!