Sunday, December 11, 2011

30 by 30 update {9 months}

9 months left in my 20's????  GET OUT!!!  Where is time going?  I just cannot accept that I'm about to be 30!  This list doesn't look much different than it did last month, but I'm making plans...  I'm still at 3/30 but I should have a few more to checked off next month!

Health/Fitness {0/5}
1} take a yoga class {I made a new friend recently who is really into yoga, we will be going together soon}
2} complete a 5K {race day: 07APR12.  Training starts as soon as I return from the US}
3} climb Mt Fuji
4} do 1 unassisted pull up
5} pass the Army PT test for my gender/age group

Food {1/6}
6} learn to cook lobster {cooking my mom and sister lobster while I'm home next week}
7} make gnocchi from scratch DONE {did this last week!}
8} learn to make grandma's relish
9} try 5 new foods {3/5} 1. natto beans 2. umeboshi.  3. ratatouille (I know, I know, I'd never had it before and now I'm obsessed).  2 more to go
11} learn to make 5 traditional Japanese dishes, including sushi {3/5}  1.sushi rolls. 2. inarizushi. 3. omelet (they're slightly different than the omelets we eat in the States) 

Travel {1/8}
12} drink the Absynth we bought in Prague 3 years ago maybe on New Years??
13} visit at least 3 new countries {2/3} 1. Taipei. 2. Australia
14} learn enough Japanese to carry on at least a 5 minute conversationworking on this one
15} visit Disney (Tokyo Disney will have to do)
16} visit Hiroshima
17} scuba/snorkle the Great Barrier Reef {DONE}
18} ride an elephant in Thailand (this and #17 are trips that will help knock off # 13 as well and are sort of in the early planning stage.  If our vacation locations change, these will have to be changed as well)
19} visit a Japanese Onsen (hot spring) {planned for 31 Dec}

Random {1/11}
20} get out of debt (ALMOST THERE!  STUPID STUDENT LOANS!) still working on this one but we're on track to be done 4 months before I turn 30 =}
21} get caught up on my scrapbooks and stay current
22} read 50 books {24/50}
23} find out my blood type
24} design a logo for BleuDress (or pay someone else to)
25} MASTER all the functions on my camera {DONE thanks to this class}
26} solve the Rubik's cube or complete a crossword puzzle without any help {I can't even figure out the Rubik's cube using the cheat sheet they include!  I'm working on some crossword puzzles!}
27} save $20K {I have come to terms with the idea that this one is not going to happen thanks to the 3 trips we will be making to the US next year.  I'm not happy about it, but it's a fact}
28} watch all of the Star Wars movies (I've only seen the newest one)
29} renew my CPR certification and keep it current
30} complete a photography project

I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Tomorrow I take off for 2 weeks in America and probably won't blog again until 2012.


JG said...

Yes, you MUST make PW's cinnamon rolls! They are amazing! Good luck to you!

Oh, and start with the old Star Wars movies, not the new ones. Trust me.