Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Wishlist

Now that Thanksgiving is over{I just finished the last of our leftovers for lunch}, I thought I'd share my Christmas wishlist with you

Lat year, I asked for this necklace and didn't get it

but that's ok, because I found this one that I like even better!

I also still want a flash for my camera

I have a camera strap that is cute but NOT comfortable when it's hanging around my neck so a nice padded cover would be nice!  One with a pocket would be awesome so I will hopefully stop loosing my lens cap!
{I need a 30" strap with a pocket to fit a 3" cap}

after seeing one of the pros at PhotoFest use a tablet like this, I've been dreaming of owning one.  I think it would make me hate editing much less!

a battery pack/grip would be nice too but isn't super high on my wishlist

Enough about the camera!

I've heard great things about this kitchen gadget

and while we're talking about my KitchenAid, I'd love a new glass bowl

I recently acquired a new computer and I want a skin for the keyboard, in purple of course {my old one has so much gunk in it from using it for recipes in the kitchen!}

What do you want for Christmas this year?


Unknown said...

Tip: you can buy keyboard covers on ebay for $.99!! In whatever color you could ever dream of. Also, I agree with you.. the second necklace with the heart is sooo cute!!

Mrs. Duh said...

I love the Ohio necklaces! I'd love to find one for my home state, because my heart is always there!

Chantal said...

I wish my home state wasn't a boring square or else I'd want a necklace like that!