Wednesday, July 14, 2010

it's so hard to say goodbye

Today I have to say my 1st "Japan goodbye" and I DO NOT WANT TO!  It hasn't really set in that we're moving to the opposite side of the world and won't be back home for who knows how long.  That's going to change today.  My sister is moving to Ft Bliss tomorrow morning to live with her husband who just returned from Kuwait.  I probably will not see her again before we move to Japan.  It's the 1st "goodbye until...." goodbye and I do not like it!!!  The fact that I'm PMS'ing it's my sister makes it even harder!

We're going to see our father today who I haven't talked to in almost a year and she hasn't talked to in over a year (that's another blog for another day).  He has no idea that she is married or that she is moving to TX or that Jason and I are moving to Japan.  We know that seeing him is the right thing to do, it just took us until the last possible moment to suck it up and be the better people and call him.

Time to go apply some waterproof mascara and prepare for the evening of tears to come (I've already cried once today and I'm sure it won't be the only time, I'm a crier!).  If you're the praying type, I would appreciate it if you would say a quick prayer for me, I'm going to need it today!

Stephie-poo/Stephers/Spaghetti Lips/Sissy,
even when you drive me crazy, I love you more than I can tell you!
Thanks for being the best sister ever =)


Julie Danielle said...

It's so hard to say goodbye :( *hugs*