Sunday, May 9, 2010


{27APR10} Pretty purple flowers in our yard

{28APR10} Prep'ing for the move

{29APR10} Finally finished the invitations I made for a friends bridal shower

{30APR10} The hubs was cold (and didn't feel well) so he grabbed the only thing in the room we were in to cover up (uncleaned) wedding dress in a bag

{1MAY10} with my love at the wine festival

{2MAY10} yummy pizza to freeze and eat during the move so I don't have to cook!

{3MAY10} I saw this car about 5 times in 1 day and wanted to remember to look at her website so I took a photo to remind myself

{4MAY10} A local restaurant that has pretty good all you can eat fried catfish on Friday nights

{5MAY10} Buster watching our stuff being taken away and not caring one bit that he was in EVERYONE'S way!

{6MAY10} If you're military and the military moves you, FEED YOUR MOVERS, they'll be much nicer to you and your stuff (like packing $100s of dollars worth of liquid bath lotions/soaps that they normally don't pack!)

{7MAY10} turning over the keys to the very 1st home we owned...I felt like I should have been more sad than I actually was...

{8MAY10} it was hard to find my drink amongst all the garnishes


Taylor said...

I wish I would have started the 365 project at the beginning of the year. Im absolutely going to start in August if I have a new job (God willing!).