Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fun day in Missouri!

It's hard to believe our time here is running out!  We've been trying to pack activities in in the past couple weeks, that we probably should have been doing the whole time we've been here.  Like going to see the state capitol, visiting the tourist trap Branson, and today, going to a wine festival.  Central Missouri has more vineyards and winery's that you'd think and today we went to Sip 'n Savor in St James to taste some of the local wines.  We know a local radio personality and he hooked us up with a couple of free tickets, so we figured why not, and I'm really glad we went.  We had a great time and I FINALLY found a wine that I REALLY like!  Too bad they  were gone for the day by the time we went back to buy a case bottle and there aren't any retailers around here, but we'll stop in STL on our way out and pick some up!

Our free wine glasses

Purple flags meant free stuff...we liked purple flags =)

pretty flowers and yummy cheese

a local German band

that Jello shot in my hand was made with strawberry wine....SO GOOD!

LOTS of empty glasses

even a booth set up in a gun shop...only in Missouri!

and my favorite photo of the this man!


Michelle A'etonu said...

I love your purple top! Pretty! There are wine festivals going on all over the place. I was at one last weekend and my best friend is at one now. Love them! glad you guys are finding time to wind down in the middle of the move :-)

Marissa said...

LOVE wine & LOVE your post! Great photos.

j... said...

FUN pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!

And if you need anything after you arrive here, let me know. We are not far from Zama at all! We go to Zama often for our kids sporting events. :)

Take care!

CLR said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't wait to read more of yours. I think our husbands graduated together, from what I can tell of your bio from the blog hop... West Point 05? Small world :)