Monday, January 25, 2010

HUGE've been warned

I don't normally use this blog to vent but if I don't get this off my chest I seriously might hit something!

I'm normally a big supporter of the commissary (the grocery store on post where we don't have to pay tax and the prices are generally lower than at other stores) but lately they've been irritating me. Today I went in for 10 things and they didn't have 1/2 of them. So I get to the check out and I was originally just going to do the easy self check out but I saw a lot of baggers standing around not doing anything and there wasn't a line to use the regular checkout so I figured I could spare the $1 to tip the bagger and give them something to do (the baggers work strictly for tips. As for me, if it's just one bag, a few things, a dollar is what they get (esp if they don't even carry it to my car). Now if I'm doing a big shopping trip and have 4, 5, 6 bags and they help me out to my car I'll give them more). Anyways, I get in line with my 3 peppers, bunch of bananas, 2 bags of baby carrots, 2 packs of lunch meat, loaf of bread, and eggs and hand the guy my LARGE reusable bag and I shit you not, the guy asks if I want everything in one bag! SERIOUSLY?!?!??! I replied "um...yes", handed him my dollar and carried my barely 1/2 full bag out to the car. I get home and start unloading my groceries and notice the kid had put my eggs on the VERY BOTTOM and the bread just above that?!?!??!? AYKM?!?!? Seriously dude, it's not f'ing rocket science, don't put fragile/smushable stuff under heavy stuff!

finding my bread like this did not make me happy!

THEN, I call Verizon, which I should have known better than to do when I'm already a little irritated! A little back story. Nov 22 we drove the 1.5hours to Springfield to upgrade our cell phones. My husband insisted on getting a Samsung Rogue which I knew he wouldn't like. Well sure enough, a week later he decided he hated it. So I called VZ to ask them if we had to drive back to return it for the BB Storm 2 and she said "Oh, no. Don't drive all the way out there, we'll mail you the new phone (which should have been free since they had a BOGO and I had just bought mine) and when you get it just mail back the Rogue and we'll refund the price of the phone." Sweet, I can handle that! Well it's been a headache ever since! They charged us over $300 for the phone and I've been fighting with them ever since to refund the money. I to talked someone last week and I finally thought all had been resolved. Well I check my bill yesterday and the b!+(h had only refunded 1/2 of it! So I had to call back today. I told the guy from the very beginning that it was complicated and I just wanted to speak to a mgr. He insisted I tell him 1st so I did and after arguing with me for almost 30 min and telling me I didn't know what I was talking about, he finally saw the charge I was talking about and said "oh, you'll need to speak to a supervisor"...AYKM?!?!? Why in the world didn't you listen to me 1/2 hour ago when I told you that....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Hopefully some cooking will help me clear my head and regain some composure!